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Exercise Helps Weight Loss

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Does Exercise Help Weight Loss

All weight loss programs should include exercise. Exercise burns up only a quarter of the daily calories you burn. So you may not consider it an important part of your weight loss program. However, exercise not only burns calories while you are working out but also increases your resting metabolic rate (or BMR).

An increased metabolic rate means that you end up burning more calories even while you're sleeping. Researchers have proved that adults who take part in resistance-training or strength-training three times a week for six months can build enough muscle to boost their basal metabolic rate by 80 to 150 calories a day. So weight training increases your metabolism as much as a 20- to 40-minute workout would.

By now you must have understood that weight gain is caused by a number of factors, namely physical changes brought on by aging, overeating, and inactivity. In fact decreasing activity may be the single most important contributor to weight gain, especially amongst older adults.

Nutritionists and dieticians are laying more emphasis on exercise these days. Even small amounts of effort can make a big difference to a person's physique and weight control. So much so that they claim even fidgeting can consume hundreds of calories a day. Don't be too surprised if your doctor advises you to chew gum to as part of your workout. It burns around 11 calories an hour!

Exercise, diet, and weight loss are inextricably linked.


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