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Weight Loss Exercises
Weight loss, exercise and diets go hand in hand

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Exercising and Weight Loss

Exercises, weight loss and diets go hand in hand. You can never think of maintaining weight loss without exercise. You should first start with your basic activities. If you lie down and watch TV, try to sit and watch. If you sit and watch TV, try to stand and watch. By doing this you are increasing the calories being burnt. Don't keep a chair next to the phone so that you can stand and talk. This is doubly advantageous because you lose calories as well as well as keep those phone calls short. If you are an office-going person, make it a point to walk to your office taking the longer route. By increasing your exercise levels you improve your chances of weight loss.

Also if you feel the urge to snack, then make it reward-oriented. Tell yourself "If I finish cleaning the house I will treat myself to that snack I'm craving for".

Never ever start with a very strenuous exercise you will end up not sticking with your program. Remember your body is new to this. It has been inactive for a long time and needs time to get back into the groove. Start with a simple jog and do it twice a week. The following week try to jog longer and the week after that, jog three times a week. Execise sensibly and lose weight permanently.

Many people tend to overlook the importance of warming up exercises. They help to stretch your body and prevent it from getting sprains and aches. Weight training should also be done along with your aerobics. The reason is that weight-training increases muscle mass. The more muscles you have, the more fat that is burnt. I would advise women who are scared of getting manly arms to use light weights. You want weight loss not muscle mass.

Exercising helps to release endorphins or happy hormones. They tend to give the person a feeling of freshness and a sense of well-being. An important point to note is that a lot of fluids are lost in the first few weeks of the program. So your water consumption should be high.

Water having zero calories can be taken in large amounts without worry. Exercise should be avoided immediately after food. A minimum period of one hour should have elapsed to avoid indigestion.

Another important point note is that if you are doing weight training you will not notice drastic changes in weight because your muscles will replace the fat.

Important facts about exercising
You have to look at your heart rate. It is a good indicator of the quality of exercise you are doing. A heart rate of 100-110 maintained for about 15 minutes would be a good start. Raise the intensity and frequency of your exercises gradually.

Aerobics should be your main aim in the first few weeks before you start weight training. A lot of videotapes are available; so make good use of them. The treadmill is a very good aerobic machine to help burn a lot of calories.

Remember, the more muscles you have, the faster you burn fat. So don't forget to spend some time on those dumbbells.

Once your body starts getting used to your work out you have to change it for further weight loss. This is a property of the body to acclimatize to the situations. So keep changing your regimen once your current rate of weight loss becomes stagnant.

One of your aims is to be the same weight, next year, same time. If you can keep that up you would be better off than others who don't diet.

Weight loss differs in sexes. Women tend to lose their weight in their busts and legs. Men on the other hand, lose it around their abs. For areas that are not reduced by your normal workout you would have to do specific exercises for spot reduction.

Weight loss exercises will help you to sustain your body weight.


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